The Company activity has always been typified by its striving for total quality; through the careful and accurate sourcing of raw materials, the use ofadvanced technologies and by providing an effective customer service.

The union of the deep timber knowledge with the newest technologiesneeded to process it, to make it stable and to enhance its qualities, represents the most important hallmark.

Indeed, the company invests heavily in the on-the-job training and in the good conditions of its machineries and tools, in order to ensure that the product meets always the requirements of the most discerning customers.

The undivided attention for the research is shown by the steady cooperation of our Technical Department together with specialists in order to improve the technologies and together with famous designers in order to create original & multi-purpose products.

The strength of Piarottolegno is further supported  by the company’s storage capacity and by its efficiency in dealing with orders, so that the customers can always rely in an excellent service.

In the end, there is a growing plug away at the eco-sustainability, which led Piarottolegno to get the FSC certification in 2002-2003 and PEFC certification in 2012 which drives daily its business to face new challenges.