Antonio Piarotto

Company Piarotto was a joinery founded in Mirano 1922 by Cav. Antonio Piarotto, who had always been an innovation-oriented businessman. In the immediate postwar period, together with his sons Orfeo, Ampelio and Giancarlo he set up two timber trading companies in Mestre and Treviso. They also began manufacturing kitchen and furniture pieces in Mirano.

In order to meet the steadily increased need for raw material of their own companies, they established a company named Piarottolegno,  which was specialized in the supply of exotic sawn timber and veneers.


Orfeo Piarotto

Piarottolegno S.p.A. was established in 1968 and it was brought to succeed under the nearly 40-year-long leadership of Com. Orfeo Piarotto. By that time, the company was mainly engaged in the trade of sawn timber, planks and related carpentry services.

Soon the first drying plant was built despites it was looked upon with mistrust by the industrialists in the sector.  After that, the company was enabled to manufacture  a wide range of semi-finished products for the furniture and building industries, which led to its expansion both in the Italian and in the foreign markets. The most innovative product, well-known under the trademark Texwood®, has been for decades-long the very key of Piarottolegno’ success.


Piarotto Patrizia

From early 90s on, the search of new supply sources has pushed Piarottolegno to an internationalization process.

Furthermore Piarottolegno always keens to guarantee safety, quality and traceability of its products. Leitmotiv in the evolution of the company’s philosophy is the environmentally sustainable growth, which led to the FSC and PEFC certifications.

(On your left hand side: Mrs Patrizia Piarotto, President since 2005)